We are an environmental-friendly hotel designed with sustainability in mind. Natural element like wood is featured throughout the hotel. Our hotel is packed with eco friendly features such as solar-powered system to minimise energy usage, recycling and eco-friendly cleaning products are used.

01. Energy Saving Policy

Please turn off lights and air conditioning when not in use to save energy consumption.

02. Linen Reuse Program

Everyday, tons of detergent and gallons of water are used to wash towels and linens that have only been used once. As part of our commitment to conserve the environment, we will change bed linens and towels as necessary or upon request. If you wish to have your linens and towels replaced daily, please contact our front desk.

03. Eco-Friendly Filtered Water Dispensers

We have reusable glasses and water bottle available for usage at every level. You may bring them to your room.

04. Recycling Program

At Artisan Eco Hotel, we encourage recycling. We have 3 recycling bins placed on each level of our hotel to collect plastics, glass, aluminium and paper. If you have any thing which you would like to recycle, please feel free to bring them to us (paper, plastics, aluminium, electrical appliances, etc).

05. Clothes Donation

We collect clothes, bags, belts, linen and soft toys to donate. Say no to throwing and say yes to giving. Give your old or unused items a second life.